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  • The easiest way to make HD Skype video calls from your home or office!
  • Upgradeable to Multi-Party Video so you can communicate with up to six telyHDs at one time
  • Powerful all-in-one solution, includes everything you need to make HD video calls, and even surf the web on your TV
  • No monthly fees, No computer required, Works with any TV with an open HDMI port
  • Included accessories: 7 button remote, HDMI cable, Free Android and Apple Smart Remote Control, TV mounting clamp / desk stand, privacy shutter, and external power adapter

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Product Description

From the Manufacturer

telyHD™ delivers full HD Skype™ video calling right to your TV


Instantly connect in HD video with those who matter most

telyHD is a revolutionary new device that delivers full HD Skype video calling right to your living room on your HDTV. Instantly connect with the people you care about no matter how far away they might be. When you’re not on a video call, you can use telyHD to surf the web and share photos with Apple’s AirPlay... all on your big screen television!

The telyHD can also be upgraded with multiparty video calling with up to five other telyHDs and allow video calls to other systems such as Polycom and Cisco, making it ideal for your office.


What you need to know about telyHD:


• Designed for the living room or conference room
• No computer required
• Uses either Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet
• Crisp 720p HD video, clear high-quality audio
• Talk to anyone on any Skype-enabled device
• Browse the web
• Upgrade to Multi-Party video calling and SIP compatibility






If you and your friend both have a telyHD, you can:


Send and receive
Video Mail


Share photos from SD
card, USB memory stick
or iOS devices

telyHD is more than a webcam and more than Skype on your TV

Web Browser

Now you can surf the web and wirelessly view and share photos from
your iPhone or iPad with TelyProjector with Apple AirPlay compatibility.


Smart Remote

Control telyHD from any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet. SmartRemote uses your Wi-Fi network to connect to telyHD, so web browsing, typing is easy, and the range and response time are far better than traditional (infrared) remotes. Available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Available telyHD upgrades for business class video conferencing

Six-Party Video Calling
Desktop Sharing
SIP Calling
Business Edition


• Simple, Secure and Affordable Multi-Party Video Calling and Collaboration.

• Enjoy business-class videoconferencing and application sharing for up to 6 locations, without the need to invest in expensive on-premise equipment.

• With built-in features like big-screen wireless projection, speakerphone and document sharing, telyHD defines a new class of ‘unified collaboration appliances’ - often doing the job of LCD projectors, speakerphones and web conferencing services in addition to HD videoconferencing.



Enterprise Edition


• Add affordable telyHD appliances to your existing, standards-based network to interoperate with your current Cisco, Polycom or LifeSize systems and extend the benefits of video collaboration to meeting rooms and desktops throughout your organization.

• Supports industry standard SIP protocol and Blue Jeans Network, too.


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